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We proudly offer the following Services ​to our valued clients :


Rugs and carpets will look their best and last longer when they are properly maintained.Handmade Oriental and machine made carpets should be cleaned every two to four years.

Over time , grit and dirt or even pet stains become embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is required. Oriental rugs and other area carpets should be taken out of the home for proper cleaning." The cleaning will remove the grit as well as the surface soiling that gradually dulls the appearance of the carpet.WE also deoderize all your rugs and remove all types of stains.


of fine rugs & Art work

Art Cleaning , conservation & restorations​

punctures, tears, discolored varnish and flaking paint need not detract from the beauty of your Art ! We Restore both oil paintings & works of art on Paper.

Foxing , dirt & wrinkles & fraying shouldn't take away from the beauty of your art ! Conservation treatments will return your artwork to its original appearance.

Paintings can be lined or patched to mend tears or to reattach loose and lifting paint. Grime, smoke or discolored varnish can be removed through a meticulous cleaning process. Losses can be compensated, filled in and retouched to perfectly match original art.

Sales & Purchases


We Do appraisals for the Insurance companies & individuals.

Art & Rug appraisals are an important part of owning them, and for protecting your investment. With high professional standards and qualifications We can accurately determine the current market value of your single item or the entire collection.If you need an appraisal or want to learn more about our appraisal services, please call or visit our show room.

Always have a current art & rug appraisals.

Art & oriental rug values can change quickly and you will need to adjust your insurance coverage to protect your valuable assets from loss or damage. Also, You need a current art/ rug appraisal,  whenever you're involved in an insurance claims, estate tax, charitable donations, when selling the art or rugs, or for equitable distribution. There are several kinds of appraisals, including current value and replacement value.

We offer the best quality goods at the lowest prices anywhere in central Florida.

We also have a home trial policy on almost all of our inventory. Try before you Buy!


We Pay the highest prices for your antique rugs , oil paintings & Furniture. Single item or an entire estate. Call us at 407-740-6005 for a private consultation or simply come in!
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